The Story Behind
Al Thuraya, our mother brand, is the Arabic translation of Pleiades, the constellation that shines upon the regions in which we operate. Taking from our ancestors that spearheaded civilizations and innovative thinking and philosophy, alike, our brand name Intalquizit takes after an anagram of Tianquizti, the ancient Aztec word for Pleiades. 
Intalquizit is an affiliate company of Al Thuraya Holdings (ATH), a global risk management leader, that enables clients to operate in any environment. ATH’s approach fosters a safe and secure operating environment for our clients while empowering agile decision-making and resilience-building in order to mitigate the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

How We Work

Intalquizit has a demonstrable track record of successful global deployments, from some of the largest infrastructural projects, to the most prestigious VIPs protection coverage and country evacuations. Intalquizit has carried out a full range of global Executive Protection Duties, Tracking and Journey Management and Special Project Services for Multi-National Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and High-Net-Worth Individuals. Intalquizit offers operational know-how, responsiveness, and efficiency, empowered by the scale and resource of our global network. 

We combine innovative industry practices with our diverse global experience in high-pace and dynamic environments. 

Al Thuraya Holdings, and Intalquizit alike, has a high capacity for understanding client needs and industry due-diligence practices. From assessing hostile terrain within Libyan tribal divides, to overseeing the Suez Canal Expansion Program’s multi-billion dollar development or leading the charge in new-market and humanitarian entry programs in Yemen, our carefully crafted approach coupled with expert field experience enables clients to feel safeguarded against any challenge. 

From our practical field experience to in-depth understanding, we help proactively solve problems before they occur.

An Attitude of Special Operations

At Al Thuraya Holdings, we believe that reliable, clear, and on-the-ground information empowers decision-makers address and overcome any challenge. Our methodology carefully identifies the systemic drivers of instability across any ethnic, religious, political, or economic environment. Our grassroots approach focuses on community-building and dialogue as one of the building blocks for risk and security mitigation.


Our Sectors

intalquizit provides clear, forward-looking intelligence on direct or non-direct risks empowering clients to appraise project and business continuity risk. our range of tailored and and subscription services support companies to identify and mitigate risks throughout the project lifecycle, including security, criminal, political, regulatory, and contractual risks. 

Supported by our subsidiary companies in Al Thuraya Holdings, our comprehensive approach has been proven at the Suez Canal Expansion Program, Port Said Infrastructure Development Project in Egypt as well as critical Energy and Transportation Infrastructure projects across the region. 

Key Services

  • Protective Services
  • Journey Management
  • Risk Identification and Monitoring
  • International Risk Evaluations
  • Disaster Prevention and relief Planning
  • Intelligence and Advisory
  • Threat Assessments
  • Site Reviews and Surveys
  • 24/7/365 Crisis Management and Operations Center Support

intalquizit provides services to leading national and international oil companies, oil field service companies, and Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors. we offer comprehensive security solutions for local, regional, and international operations.


Key Services

  • Business Set Up and Legal Advice
  • Physical Protective Security
  • Reconstruction and Development Support
  • Capacity Building
  • Government Introduction Services
  • Visa and Hiring Support
  • Oil and Gas Operations Intelligence and Advisory
  • Regional and International Operations Security and Surveillance Technology (Upstream, Onshore and Offshore Security, Midstream and Downstream/Pipelines and Facilities)


intalquizit has supported NGOs and gos through highly-sensitive and essential interventions across the world's most hostile and high-risk environments.   

Key Services

  • Humanitarian Support Services in Information Gathering and Analysis
  • Risk Management and Assessment
  • Security Advice
  • Intervention Entries and Journey Management
  • Situation Reports
  • Assessment of Tactical and Strategical Risks
  • Pre-Incident Consultancy to Kidnapping Risk or Kidnap for Ransom (KFR)
  • Kidnap or KFR Response Consultancy

Intalquizit, as part of al thuraya holdings, provides security services with over 20 years of experience in volatile and high-risk environments.


Intalquizit provides static security solutions, including corporate offices, remote camps and large industrial processing plants.

Our solutions can include:
  • Site access control
  • Visitor processing and escort
  • Site emergency response
  • Site perimeter patrols
  • Site surveillance, including CCTV systems and other standoff technology
  • Explosive detection K-9 teams

Intalquizit operates a fleet of soft skin 4x4 SUVs and armored B6 SUVs, providing secure transport specific to the environment and client's requirements. 


Our 24/7 Global and Regional Operations Communication Centre (GROC) provides journey management, location tracking and incident response for all mobile security temas through a multi-layered physical communications infrastructure. Our fleet is constantly monitored via in-vehicle and portable tracking systems, VHF radio, satellite and GSM capabilities. 

Intalquizit provides discreet highly-trained standalone operators embedded in the client's working environment and larger high-profile teams integrated into a multi-services security solutions. Intalquizit close protection officers (CPOs) are supported by Intalquizit critical support services and our global crisis management team.

Our client portfolio ranges from diplomats and senior government officials through to high-profile personalities and business people.


Intalquizit provides embedded security managers deployed to provide a wide-range of tools and services, including: 

Our embedded security managers have access to an extensive range of tools and services, such as:
  • On-the-Ground intelligence for high-risk environments
  • Crisis Management
  • Sophisticated passive and active tracking solutions for personnel, fleet and equipment
  • Access to Intalquizit full suite of services including intelligence group, media group, aviation solutions, and advisory services

in today's dynamic environment risk is both, an opportunity and a threat to business success and continuity.

Intalquizit advises a broad range of private and public organizations ranging from serving as a trusted advisor to senior management or providing direct supervision to front line personnel. Intalquizit specialists employ their deep industry insight, proven methodologies and strategic skills to support clients in planning, executing, and managing projects. 

With an effective risk management plan in place, our clients can successfully navigate through the risk landscape, avoid business interruption and mitigate the impact of risks inherent in their operations. 

We assist organizations by providing: 

We assist organizations by providing:
  • Risk Assessment and Audits
  • Risk Profile Development (Risk Maturity)
  • Enterprise Risk Solutions
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Education and Training
  • Policy and Procedural Development

Intalquizit offers a range of security advisory services including: 

Intalquizit offers a range of security advisory services including:
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Physical Security Audits including Journey Management
  • Sub-Contractor Selection, Audits and Evaluations
  • Education and Training
  • Policy and Procedural Development

Intalquizit’s sister company, ICESERVE24, provides time-critical intelligence and key analysis through a unique combination of technical knowledge and operational experience, including: 


  • Country Entry Analysis
  • Scenario Forecasting
  • Online Threat Monitoring (Global)
  • Monthly Intelligence Forecast
  • Country Monthly Threat and Risk Mapping
  • Country Quarterly Threat and Risk Mapping
  • Analytic Trend Overview (Data Analytics)
  • Intelligence Alerting

Intalquizit has provided global aviation solutions since 2005, by partnering with reliable and reputable aircraft and engine manufacturers utilizing turnkey maintenance solutions and global supply chains to reduce operating costs.

Public and critical infrastructure are the veins of our society. Unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV) provide a safe, cost-effective and easily deployable alternative to traditional infrastructure inspection methods. Camera-manned drones produce high-resolution and thermal images equipped with live transmitters and sniffers. Drone inspections can improve the quality, efficiency and safety of inspection in areas such as:

  • High-Voltage Power Lines
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Wind Turbines
  • Pipeline
  • Airport and Port Security
  • Event Protection
  • Remote Surveillance
  • Remote Reconnaissance


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